You Don’t Have to Accept Hair Loss


As an Alopecia Life Coach, this is something that may be taboo for me to say.  I am pretty unconventional, so this does not concern me.  It is still truth.

My philosophy is you really don’t have to accept hair loss, in fact you may never be able to. Your only goal for dealing with hair loss and anything else that occurs in your life is to accept you.

Accept you in whatever circumstance and situation you experience. This is how to conquer what lies ahead of you.  Armour yourself with confidence and affirm there is nothing you cannot achieve or withstand.

It may seem an impossible and daunting task to imagine how you are beautiful as patches of hair grow larger and your hair is in your brush or sink. I get it, I have been there. It still has to be done. Will it be work, of course. You are losing your hair and you are scared, but who better than you is worth it?


Accept you are a constant source of love and life. Believe you are more than your hair, more than the thoughts and perceptions of others. Know the same person who is standing today is the same person that has endured challenges and struggles before and won.

We are not created to be broken, disgruntled or shamed. We are not designed to be labeled and characterized. We as humans choose this path. It is not chosen for us.

The world does not owe you acceptance and it does not give you value. You alone are required to provide those things for you.  So, don’t accept the hair loss. It is what it is. Accept you are beautiful in spite of it and choose how to proceed from that place of self love and positivity.


Choose to wear weaves, wigs, scarves or anything you desire with full confidence in you.  What you will discover is loss of hair does not matter. It happens, you adapt and keep moving forward living your best life. The life you have always imagined, just with less hair, but more confidence. The one you desire and deserve. Remember, it is up to you to love you just as you are.

“What is love? Love is the absence of judgement.”  -Dalai Lama

Until next time.

Blessings and Love,