In the Shadow of Confidence


Formally stated, Newton’s third law is: For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction.

This means, in every interaction, there is a pair of forces acting on the two objects within it. The size of force on the first object is equal to the size of the force on the second.

I believe this law remains true for all things within us. Today I’m specifically addressing confidence.

Am I saying we can be confident and have self – doubt  at the same time? Yes. In order to project the image of confidence, we must also cast a shadow of doubt. A shadow is made when an object blocks light. This also refers to the light inside of us.

For a shadow to be cast, the object must be opaque or translucent. Since we are made of many things, experiences, feelings and thoughts included, we are not transparent. Our light does not simply pass through us. Instead, our light is reflected and acts as a beacon to others. (This concept of reflection is a topic in itself for another day.)
newton confidence

For example, we have moments when we are ready to take on the world combined with thoughts of, what does the world see and are we worthy to be who we say we are in it.
The key to conquering uncertainty is to choose to be confident AND command control of the doubt. How can this be done?

1) Acknowledge the doubt. See it for what it is and look at how you use it? Is it fear? A remnant of a past experience, a motivater or an excuse not to move forward. 

2) Shine the light on it!!!  Be mindful of your perspective. Remember for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. By choosing your perspective, you remain in control of the doubt. Basically, you have it on a leash, directing it’s actions instead of it running wild in your mind. This chosen position of power diminishes its effect on you. 

3) Remember, It’s All Child’s play Use your vivid imagination to be and see everything you are doubting. Like we played that’s my car when we were kids. Own the doubt. Just as you saw yourself driving that little red Corvette, see yourself being and doing what you are hesitant to believe you can.

I will insert a source of doubt for me here. I am confident that I can make an impact on the lives of others. I love to write, but know I have to develop other strategies to achieve the plans I have created.  I love to speak and feel I am well spoken, but am doubtful I can speak well to an audience. 

Riding shotgun with the confidence I have about speaking is that infamous shadow of doubt. I have spoken publicly and was sweating profusely inside and out the entire time because I was terrified, so I am all too familiar with the feeling.  In order to become a better and less sweaty speaker, I knew I had to acknowledge the doubt and take control of it.


Now, daily I  imagine myself standing on a stage speaking to an audience of thousands!!!  I see their faces as they are captivated by my every word and feel the thunderous applause as they give me a standing ovation.

I replay it over and over again until I can’t help but feel it every time I think of public speaking in any capacity and especially when I  see a stage.  I have that script written in my head.

 “And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.”                                                        Habakkuk 2:2

4) Practice Complete these steps when self-doubt occurs. Also, make it a practice to do them before you need them.

Spend time rummaging through that closet of your mind that stores your doubt and take inventory of it often. With the practice of mindfulness, you will discover the magnitude of doubts within that closet diminishes. 

newton shadow
“Where there is light, there must be shadow, where there is shadow there must be light. There is no shadow without light and no light without shadow….”

                                                                                                                            – Haruki Murakami


Until next time,

“Do all things in Love”





Life in the Darkness

vera1Recently, as I watered my plants, the simple action of doing so incited within me a moment of spiritual awareness. 
My  favorite plant is my aloe plant and her name is Vera. (See what I did there.)  Well, Vera was recently upgraded to a larger planter.  In doing so, I noticed she continued to lean forward regardless of the amount of times I have rearranged her . 
Once my book knowledge kicked in, I realized Vera was leaning in the direction of the sunlight she receives.  She was growing toward the source of her energy. That is when it struck me. The most appealing part of the plant grows toward the sun in order to produce energy, yet the life of the plant depends on the nutrients it receives through its unsightly roots, deep in the darkness.  


We are taught that sun gives life.  In “A Meeting with the Universe” it states,  “Nothing is more important to us on Earth than the Sun.  Without the Sun’s heat and light, the Earth would be a lifeless ball of ice- coated rock. The Sun warms our seas, stirs our atmosphere, generates our our weather patterns and gives energy to the growing green plants that provide the food and oxygen for life on Earth.” 
Consumption of energy allows plants to produce oxygen; beauty in exchange for life. The beauty of our life is enjoyed as our happiness blossoms. This beauty is energized and provides life through the connections we have to God and one another. It is maintained by the nourishment of our roots. Our spiritual roots are vital components of our life and the beauty of it is sustained within the darkness of our foundation. 
Our roots are our connection to the universe. They quench the thirst of our souls, drench us with the Love of the Absolute and maintain our natural state of being; objective goodness, peace and love.
Our spiritual roots nourish this natural state; covered in the darkness they receive these vital sources of sustenance in order to formulate the energy of life. 
A plant can receive all the sun the day has to offer, but remove it from the dampness, warmth and darkness of dirt and it will slowly wither away and die. When we choose to fertilize our roots through self – love along with spiritual discipline of prayer and mediation, we are able to separate fear from ease and fulfill the purpose of the darkness.  We are then able to realize darkness protects, strengthens and  fortifies the foundation of who we are. 
As we allow darkness to be a source of comfort instead of fear, we are rewarded with authentic beauty of life.  Think about it. There is something special and encouraging about knowing someone is experiencing  a dark period of their life, yet they are filled with joy, love and peace. It provides assurance that darkness is not death, but life. 


When negativity impedes upon us, it may alter the timing of our blossom, but it cannot disconnect us from God. Even and especially in the darkness,  we remain rooted in positivity, goodness, and grace. 
Our journey through the darkness is a gift. It is not a time to fret or worry. It is time to replenish our spiritual nutrients, return to our natural state of being and grow stronger in the foundation of who and what we are. 
In the darkness, it is time to ask ourselves, “What am I to nourish? What am I gaining? What is coming to life within me? As our connection to God is fortified, it germinates deeper powerful roots in love, patience, kindness, and joy. 
We are evolving every moment of every day. This requires our roots to be watered and nourished. So, the next time you feel you are in a dark period of your life, remember to allow your spiritual roots to be nourished and instead of praying to go through, pray to grow through and share the beautiful blossoms of your life with the world. 
Until next time, 
“Do all things in Love.”
– Denise