You Don’t Have to Accept Hair Loss


As an Alopecia Life Coach, this is something that may be taboo for me to say.  I am pretty unconventional, so this does not concern me.  It is still truth.

My philosophy is you really don’t have to accept hair loss, in fact you may never be able to. Your only goal for dealing with hair loss and anything else that occurs in your life is to accept you.

Accept you in whatever circumstance and situation you experience. This is how to conquer what lies ahead of you.  Armour yourself with confidence and affirm there is nothing you cannot achieve or withstand.

It may seem an impossible and daunting task to imagine how you are beautiful as patches of hair grow larger and your hair is in your brush or sink. I get it, I have been there. It still has to be done. Will it be work, of course. You are losing your hair and you are scared, but who better than you is worth it?


Accept you are a constant source of love and life. Believe you are more than your hair, more than the thoughts and perceptions of others. Know the same person who is standing today is the same person that has endured challenges and struggles before and won.

We are not created to be broken, disgruntled or shamed. We are not designed to be labeled and characterized. We as humans choose this path. It is not chosen for us.

The world does not owe you acceptance and it does not give you value. You alone are required to provide those things for you.  So, don’t accept the hair loss. It is what it is. Accept you are beautiful in spite of it and choose how to proceed from that place of self love and positivity.


Choose to wear weaves, wigs, scarves or anything you desire with full confidence in you.  What you will discover is loss of hair does not matter. It happens, you adapt and keep moving forward living your best life. The life you have always imagined, just with less hair, but more confidence. The one you desire and deserve. Remember, it is up to you to love you just as you are.

“What is love? Love is the absence of judgement.”  -Dalai Lama

Until next time.

Blessings and Love,



Knit Koozies To Save The World

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LET’S SAVE THE WORLD!! Do we sit in our comfy corners knitting drink koozies for the “less fortunate?” (It’s a thing!) Those who may not even have access to drink containers, but we happily knit away without effort to discover or help them create sources of water, because knitting koozies is what we feel comfortable doing?!? Are we are missing the entire premise of THE world as we focus from OUR world?

Is saving the world making OUR world more tolerable and livable or truly a quest to be a positive impact for and on the world of others?

Are we stepping into cultures and experiences separate from our own and way outside of our comfort zones? Do we desire to garner insight about the lives of others or only see THE world from our point of view?

download (9)Are we patting ourselves on the back as we gather wood to provide fire for warmth, while we inadvertently fail demonstrate how to ignite a flame or use matches?

Look, listen and feel something different.

Speak to people not like you.

Discover their needs and ask about their desires.
Learn a new trade or task to reach those who cannot speak your language, but can feel your heart.

Get off the soapbox and open it to provide cleaning supplies to others and most of all be uncomfortable. Feel lost and unsure while you do it.

The world is a big place and the opportunity to help it improve is even bigger.
That place of discomfort signifies you are in foreign territory. That’s where saving THE world starts. Outside of our own.

From here, we can expand our reach. As we do, our reach will expand further through valuing the lives and worlds of others.

P.S. Keep knitting your drink koozies!! When we get this thing rolling, we are all gonna need one as we sit around a beautifully created fire and lift up our drinks to toast, “We are saving the world!

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Until next time,

Blessings and Love,


The Healing Power of Vulnerability

“Vulnerability opens the door to the soul for pain to exit and healing to enter.”

Denise White

I recently had the pleasure of being a speaker on a panel of phenomenal women. During my time on the panel, I spoke about the process of losing my hair.  After speaking,  I realized it was the first time I had publicly spoken about the experience.

Why is that? Why is something I believe I am so comfortable with, something so difficult to verbalize in the presence of other people. One word: vulnerability.

What is vulnerability? One definition is the state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed emotionally. This has been a fear of mine as far back as I can remember. So, at an early age, I became guarded, shunning opportunities to to be exposed to the risk of emotional and physical harm.  It was easier to work to control my environment and my emotions than to cause myself further damage by even the potential of risk.

What I discovered while watching the faces of women as I shared my transition to being bald, was vulnerability isn’t about the risk I may endure, but the connection it provides to others.

We all have things that cause us trepidation. For some, it is a “bother” to share these with others and for another population it is a sign of weakness to do so.  Still yet, for others, like myself, exposing these concerns to others is equivalent to living the cause of the pain over and over again. No one desires to endure that.

So, how can there be healing in vulnerability? The healing exists in the humanity of pain. Regardless of economic, race or gender, pain is universal.  We can build any facade around it we choose, but at the core of each of us is one thing, our soul. A place within us that desires connectivity and acceptance.

When we scale the barriers we build to protect us , we find there are so many others in search of the same thing we are, emotional protection and love. We have allowed ourselves to believe we have to be free of pain and flaws to be loved. That we must always be strong and stoic to be accepted and respected.

There are no other ideas further from our truth.  Vulnerability is the gatekeeper  of healing between ego and the soul. It is powerful once we realize its purpose.  It is great to protect us from physical harm so we may live longer lives. Emotionally it drives a wedge between living longer and living happier.

Our brains do not know the difference in producing life saving chemicals that increase our senses and adrenaline to save us from falling prey to a savage beast or sitting in the comfort of our hi tech homes charged by emotional pain that we are seeking to escape.

Exposing this pain for its constructive purpose is the light that produces healing through vulnerability.  Once we understand our innate desire for love and acceptance we know it is what we all feel. It is what we all seek and it is what we all have the ability to experience and find comfort in sharing.

There will always be someone who shares our emotional energy. Our experiences are different, but energy is universal. If we seek to perceive our life journey from the perspective of universal appeal, we will be more willing to expose our ego to more vulnerable experiences and not endure so much of this wonderful journey alone.

There is healing in vulnerability because there is collective compassion on the other side of the barriers we create to protect our souls.

The next time you allow yourself to be vulnerable, feel the peace of the connection that it provides. This not only heals you, but those which you share the experience.

Until next time.

“Do all things in Love”



It’s Just Hair!!

I love my recent tattoo!!! It reminds me of how proud I am to be INpowered in MY temple.
When I’m in public, I don’t think about my hair (or lack thereof). I rarely pay attention to people. Sometimes though,  even the most focused mind is made aware of the energy of others.
One of those times was today. What used to make me shrink,  now makes me expand. I LOVE ME bald and all. So, when I do observe the second takes and just bold ass stares. I stand taller, bless them with a huge smile and direct eye contact. When I do, a few ask if being bald is a choice. The majority avert their eyes and turn away. (Maybe it’s weird to have someone smile at you these days.)
It’s JUST HAIR people!!! It doesn’t mean someone is physically ill, shamed or lacking. For some, being bald IS a choice. For those of us that it isn’t. When we accept it, we don’t feel loss as much as we feel INpowered. I would not trade my physical appearance for the world. My soul is at peace and my Spirit is my powerhouse. The world inspires not retires my love for me in any form.
So, they can stare and wonder or observe and ask. I’m fine either way, because:
THIS IS ME!!!! 💖💞💖  Blessings and love.
Until next time,
“Do all things in Love”

In the Shadow of Confidence


Formally stated, Newton’s third law is: For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction.

This means, in every interaction, there is a pair of forces acting on the two objects within it. The size of force on the first object is equal to the size of the force on the second.

I believe this law remains true for all things within us. Today I’m specifically addressing confidence.

Am I saying we can be confident and have self – doubt  at the same time? Yes. In order to project the image of confidence, we must also cast a shadow of doubt. A shadow is made when an object blocks light. This also refers to the light inside of us.

For a shadow to be cast, the object must be opaque or translucent. Since we are made of many things, experiences, feelings and thoughts included, we are not transparent. Our light does not simply pass through us. Instead, our light is reflected and acts as a beacon to others. (This concept of reflection is a topic in itself for another day.)
newton confidence

For example, we have moments when we are ready to take on the world combined with thoughts of, what does the world see and are we worthy to be who we say we are in it.
The key to conquering uncertainty is to choose to be confident AND command control of the doubt. How can this be done?

1) Acknowledge the doubt. See it for what it is and look at how you use it? Is it fear? A remnant of a past experience, a motivater or an excuse not to move forward. 

2) Shine the light on it!!!  Be mindful of your perspective. Remember for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. By choosing your perspective, you remain in control of the doubt. Basically, you have it on a leash, directing it’s actions instead of it running wild in your mind. This chosen position of power diminishes its effect on you. 

3) Remember, It’s All Child’s play Use your vivid imagination to be and see everything you are doubting. Like we played that’s my car when we were kids. Own the doubt. Just as you saw yourself driving that little red Corvette, see yourself being and doing what you are hesitant to believe you can.

I will insert a source of doubt for me here. I am confident that I can make an impact on the lives of others. I love to write, but know I have to develop other strategies to achieve the plans I have created.  I love to speak and feel I am well spoken, but am doubtful I can speak well to an audience. 

Riding shotgun with the confidence I have about speaking is that infamous shadow of doubt. I have spoken publicly and was sweating profusely inside and out the entire time because I was terrified, so I am all too familiar with the feeling.  In order to become a better and less sweaty speaker, I knew I had to acknowledge the doubt and take control of it.


Now, daily I  imagine myself standing on a stage speaking to an audience of thousands!!!  I see their faces as they are captivated by my every word and feel the thunderous applause as they give me a standing ovation.

I replay it over and over again until I can’t help but feel it every time I think of public speaking in any capacity and especially when I  see a stage.  I have that script written in my head.

 “And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.”                                                        Habakkuk 2:2

4) Practice Complete these steps when self-doubt occurs. Also, make it a practice to do them before you need them.

Spend time rummaging through that closet of your mind that stores your doubt and take inventory of it often. With the practice of mindfulness, you will discover the magnitude of doubts within that closet diminishes. 

newton shadow
“Where there is light, there must be shadow, where there is shadow there must be light. There is no shadow without light and no light without shadow….”

                                                                                                                            – Haruki Murakami


Until next time,

“Do all things in Love”




Dear World

time 2
Dear World, 

My timing is not kept by your watch. 

I’m listening to my inner metronome, moving according to the rhythm my soul recognizes.
You and I will not always be in sync. That does not determine my love for you nor yours for me.

For unlike our rhythm, love never changes. 

My timing is not kept by your watch.

Still, I can empathize without regret. I can be aware of emotions and remain unapologetically me. 

I will not fly when you need me to. Only when I have learned to flap my wings to the pulse of my song.  Then, my flight will add virtue to the skies and provide currents to propel the wings of others. 
My timing is not kept by your watch.

I owe myself the courtesy of paying attention to my watch, my timing, my dance, the rhythm of my song. Although, for you, it may seem out of tune, its mesmerizing and beautiful, to me. 

I’m not interested in stepping to your beat. I hear it, see and feel it, but its splendidly and wonderfully yours. I’m learning from it and am grateful for the joy it brings. Still, I’m here to be me. The best way I know how. I will always be the only me, I can ever be.
My timing is not kept by your watch.

I’m here, navigating my inner and outer worlds, collecting choruses and notes that intermittently speed or slow my rhythm. It’s exciting and often exhilarating and always appreciated. 

dance 1

Yet, inevitably, the tick, the tock, the step and timing reverts back to my rhythm, the soul rhythm, the best one, for me. 

My timing is not kept by your watch, the beat of my heart not by your drum.

Nevertheless, an ethereal cadence exists, eternally keeping us harmonized in the background,  “soul fully ” connecting me to you and you to me. 

As odd as our sway may seem and as much as I see others synchronized effortlessly within the tempo of your ebb and flow,  

I understand we are always where we need to be. Where we always knew you and I would be. Before our collective rhythm illuminated new paths, we knew this would be. We knew we would not remember, but would intrinsically know.

My timing is not kept by your watchtimeNevertheless, a comforting cadence soulfully resonates between us. Eternally keeping us harmonized in the background, connecting me to you and you to me. 
“Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth, ‘You owe me.’ Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky.”  -Rumi
Until next time, 
“Do all things in Love”

All Aboard the Victim Train


bridge clouds cloudy dark cloudsI love knowing and experiencing the differences between my spiritual and cognitive journey’s.  Although, I am not so fond of ALWAYS knowing I control the journey. 

Let me explain. Knowing I control my experiences means I am no longer a victim of circumstances. I may not always be the pilot either because well, life.  As much as I would like to have my hands in EVERY situation that my life is linked to, I simply can’t. So, I have and continue to learn I must navigate the experiences of this life journey from the only position I can honestly control, my perspective. 

Every so often, I want to forget this and feel as if I am such a wonderful spiritually enlightened person who has it all together and people just won’t do what it takes to be responsible and accountable for being good people themselves. In other words, because I do not control the actions of others, I can be a victim. I now see that I lie to myself about this because, once again, I choose my perspective. If I do not want feel victimized, I wouldn’t.

This past weekend, I had such a moment. I allowed myself to be completely frustrated and negatively supercharged.  I must tell you, once you finally understand who you are and how the process of life actually works, there is no turning back.  Trust me, you cannot unring the bell. Therefore, this was not a pretty scene, but I digress.


So, this weekend, when I reached my crossroad of choice between being the victim and being the captain of my perspective, I completely chose to take the victim route. In that moment it felt comforting. I felt frustrated and desired to give into it. It relinquished me from being an active participant in the situation and I ran with that baby like I was Jackie Joyner Kersee racing for the gold.

Once the victim train left the station, that baby took off full speed down the hill of an iced track. I was full force with anger and tears and felt completely vulnerable as I played worst case scenarios in my head.  This chic was a basket case!!

Here is the funny part. The enlightened me, the spiritually knowledgeable me, remained steadfast and kept feeding me the emotional energies of calm and comfort. I felt it and chose to ignore it because I wanted to be angry!!! I wanted to scream, shout, cry and blame. The “potential” course of my day, my very reputation may have been altered and I was going to blame somebody!!!

How dramatic!!! Notice I wrote, “potential” course of my day.  That was honestly all it was, potential. None of the worst case scenarios had occurred, they were all figments of my imagination that gained a false relevance because I chose to put energy into them.  Even though in my spirit I knew I was in complete control of how my day progressed and my reputation was intact, that even amidst confusion everything really was fine, I continued to add more energy to that train and sped up my course down the victim track.eye

Okay, now here is the even funnier part. My spirit remained calm and I could honestly feel the separation of my spiritual energy from my conscious energy.  It occurs the instant you know you are committed to the drama, but there is an eye of the storm within you that keeps you grounded and connected to the peace and security of God.  When you tell yourself, ” This is not the way it is supposed to be” and feel the comfort of, ” All is well,” but refuse to choose it. 

We are not designed to be in a state of unbalance. When we teeter totter between opposing spiritual and mental energies, we feel completely awful!! Ever have those moments that feel as if “something isn’t right,” but you can’t quite put your finger on it?  Well, that is the beginning of the tipping point. The red flag alerting us to check our inputs and outputs and seek resolution of a potential malfunction. 

We WANT balance, we ARE balance, which is why we are emphatically affected by other states of being. This past weekend I discovered why feeling out of balance was more of a mock comfort for me. 

Situations, energy, people, things will always be prevalent in our life experiences.  They are the life professors that allow us to experience who we are and learn who we would like to become. Perspective is the vantage point that allows us to be active or passive participants in these lessons. What I received this weekend was I will learn to take these lessons spiritually not personally. 

Taking things personally challenges the ego, the world view of personal worth and cognitive value. It is the perspective that leads one to take up arms, lash out from fear and board the victim train because now, others control their destination.

close up of bonfire at night

Experiencing things spiritually allows one to be an observer of the personal challenges without being connected to the energy of them.  It is the equivalent to seeing fire and knowing it is hot and sticking a hand in it to experience what “hot ” is.  Which perspective do you need to have to know the same information? Fire is hot.

As I write this today, I am so very pleased to have had my moment this weekend. Why? Because I can look back at it and see my connection to spirit never wavered. My choice to rely on that connection did. Even so, I was directed to speak to the people I needed. My  spiritual gatekeepers.  They removed the ice on my negatively charged track and leveled out the trajectory of my destination by connecting me with their pathways of positive energy and flipping the switch from negative to positive. 

I have often heard, ” The Lord does not put more on you than you can bear.” For me, the truth within that statement is, we are angels to one another and never have to carry the weight of our life experience alone. 

car chair comfort commuting

I am grateful for my angels, life professors and experiences. Even though I know the lessons I am to retrieve from recent experiences, I cannot promise I will never choose to  board the victim train again. Truthfully, between you and me, something about it was rather cleansing. Nevertheless, what I have promised myself is that even if I choose to board it again. I will not stay on it for long.  Awareness is more important that avoidance. I am able to have a perspective of what I am aware of versus focusing energy on what I am seeking to avoid. 

So, for now, the victim train has left the station. Empty. Bon voyage!!

Until next time,

“Do all things in Love.”










Life in the Darkness

vera1Recently, as I watered my plants, the simple action of doing so incited within me a moment of spiritual awareness. 
My  favorite plant is my aloe plant and her name is Vera. (See what I did there.)  Well, Vera was recently upgraded to a larger planter.  In doing so, I noticed she continued to lean forward regardless of the amount of times I have rearranged her . 
Once my book knowledge kicked in, I realized Vera was leaning in the direction of the sunlight she receives.  She was growing toward the source of her energy. That is when it struck me. The most appealing part of the plant grows toward the sun in order to produce energy, yet the life of the plant depends on the nutrients it receives through its unsightly roots, deep in the darkness.  


We are taught that sun gives life.  In “A Meeting with the Universe” it states,  “Nothing is more important to us on Earth than the Sun.  Without the Sun’s heat and light, the Earth would be a lifeless ball of ice- coated rock. The Sun warms our seas, stirs our atmosphere, generates our our weather patterns and gives energy to the growing green plants that provide the food and oxygen for life on Earth.” 
Consumption of energy allows plants to produce oxygen; beauty in exchange for life. The beauty of our life is enjoyed as our happiness blossoms. This beauty is energized and provides life through the connections we have to God and one another. It is maintained by the nourishment of our roots. Our spiritual roots are vital components of our life and the beauty of it is sustained within the darkness of our foundation. 
Our roots are our connection to the universe. They quench the thirst of our souls, drench us with the Love of the Absolute and maintain our natural state of being; objective goodness, peace and love.
Our spiritual roots nourish this natural state; covered in the darkness they receive these vital sources of sustenance in order to formulate the energy of life. 
A plant can receive all the sun the day has to offer, but remove it from the dampness, warmth and darkness of dirt and it will slowly wither away and die. When we choose to fertilize our roots through self – love along with spiritual discipline of prayer and mediation, we are able to separate fear from ease and fulfill the purpose of the darkness.  We are then able to realize darkness protects, strengthens and  fortifies the foundation of who we are. 
As we allow darkness to be a source of comfort instead of fear, we are rewarded with authentic beauty of life.  Think about it. There is something special and encouraging about knowing someone is experiencing  a dark period of their life, yet they are filled with joy, love and peace. It provides assurance that darkness is not death, but life. 


When negativity impedes upon us, it may alter the timing of our blossom, but it cannot disconnect us from God. Even and especially in the darkness,  we remain rooted in positivity, goodness, and grace. 
Our journey through the darkness is a gift. It is not a time to fret or worry. It is time to replenish our spiritual nutrients, return to our natural state of being and grow stronger in the foundation of who and what we are. 
In the darkness, it is time to ask ourselves, “What am I to nourish? What am I gaining? What is coming to life within me? As our connection to God is fortified, it germinates deeper powerful roots in love, patience, kindness, and joy. 
We are evolving every moment of every day. This requires our roots to be watered and nourished. So, the next time you feel you are in a dark period of your life, remember to allow your spiritual roots to be nourished and instead of praying to go through, pray to grow through and share the beautiful blossoms of your life with the world. 
Until next time, 
“Do all things in Love.”
– Denise


From Pain to Passion

How Bald Beautified Too Was Born

Growing up with instability as a first memory is a dangerous thing. Instability is your “normal.” When a different way of living is discovered, the former life is found to be rooted in insecurities and fears that overtake the neutral foundation we are all provided at birth. It causes pain, doubt, disappointment and dangerous actions because it is rooted in a constant search an answer for why?

For me, only when the why’s stopped and the how’s began could that unstable life find the answers it desperately desired. How to be better than I was given, how to be wiser than the choices I’ve made from uncertainty, how to stand up when I want to do what’s easy and familiar and cower. How do I clear the clutter from the energy connection to God. How to know things can seem “ bad”, but I’m better and how to remain me when the world wants me to be its puppet. 


This is me as a 3 year old. Although I don’t remember the moment this picture was taken, I do remember the instability of my life. The domestic violence that occurred during what seemed to be simultaneous with Hee – Haw episodes, the multiple places we slept, the men who were in and out of our lives and we in and out of theirs. This was my normal abnormal life.

A short time after this picture, my mother was murdered. I don’t have recollection of it, but my brother has the distinct memory of him and I cleaning up the blood that remained the last connection we had to her.


Although I do not have the physical memory, I recently discovered why I have such an aversion to bad odors, especially blood. It’s the same aversion my brother has and is linked to the children we were, motherless, clueless and frightened; forced to get on our knees and wipe away the stinch of the death of the woman who gave us life. The last organic connection to the woman we loved…

There were three children left in this world. Three children with three different fathers and three thousand questions about who is supposed to take care of them now?

After Mom’s funeral, we were transported to SC and left in the care of “family.” Family I did not know. Family that had children of their own. Family that despite the taxing burden of more mouths to feed, kept me and my siblings together.

I do not recall having anyone counsel or mentor us after the trauma of our mother’s death and being uprooted from the only life we knew.  At the age of 5, I did not grasp the concept of my mother never returning and would pretend if I wished hard enough and was good enough she would come back to get us. 

I pretended she was away trying to get her life on track so she could come back for us and give us everything we needed.  I pretended she was behind bushes and trees watching me walk home from school and was too afraid to say anything to me because she could not  afford to take us back home.

I pretended until I realized that was all it was.  Pretend. Then, I became angry because I felt she didn’t want us and if she didn’t no one else did either. 

My childhood was not pleasant because I felt as if no one understood me or even cared to.  I felt like a burden and a pawn.  I did not like living and on multiple occasions took an overdose of pills so I could end the pain and just be with my Mom.


I remember charcoal and stomach pumps and blame.  I remember going to the mandated psychologist appointments, alone. Sitting there looking at this man, saying nothing and feeling everything. I remember refusing to speak at home because there was no point in doing so.  So I sat, I read and longed to die.

38 years later, I am rejoicing in life, in the pain and confusion I endured, in the unmentionable circumstances I survived and the power I gained during all those suck ass moments of my life.

Here I AM today, a living witness to the power within.  Power to transition from suicide attempts to glorifying life in what can  feel like even the worst moments all because I now know; circumstances are fleeting. I’m not. 


The first time I read Iyanla Vanzet’s Peace from Broken Pieces, I knew I was not alone. She shared her story. A story that changed my life and INspired me to share mine.

I remember tightly gripping my red pen underlining line after line, page after page of words that resonated within my soul.  I found answers to questions I carried with me for decades.  How can a child find peace even after they leave the situations and circumstances linked to their pain?

How do I measure my value against a world that never gave me a measuring cup into which I could pour my thoughts and feelings about who I was? How could a girl grow into a woman who could control the shadows of doubt and fear that fused themselves to her soul? How could she become a mother raising a child she gave birth to and the emotional and mental child she still was?

Work!! Work that required when the pain was remembered, to also remember the peace that was somewhere within it. Work to look back and say, that was my life and today is my choice to live a different one. Work to release the guilt for what I felt was my fault for the hurt I received and forgiveness for those that inflicted it.

Work to realize the divinity that I AM even in the midst of the inhumanity of certain life experiences. Work to know, souls choose their assignments and whatever mine was, it was one I was well equipped to complete.


I never could imagine, I would be strong enough to mentor ANYONE.  I never thought I would choose to be vulnerable to the thoughts and actions of others ever again and then Bald Beautified Too was born.  Mentoring girls ages 5 to 18 years of age.  Guiding them along their life journey.  Supported by their voice and the confidence to use it.  Letting them realize they do not need permission to be present and to be great!!

I have coined the term INpowerment. IN because that is where all power lies dormant. Utilizing a positive mindset, accepting responsibility for choices made, choosing to be accountable for those choices and remaining resilient in moments of adversity are the principles I found to be common factors in every situation I experienced  that significantly improved my personal well being and outlook on life.

Helping members of the Bald Beautified Too mentor program define their life goals and using the principles of INpowerment to reach and maintain them, is the foundation of this program.

By exposing them to opportunities to experience compassion and find the peace and joy in mentoring and being of support and service to others, members are able gain knowledge of the connection we have to one another. Knowledge solidified in knowing and being instead of just seeing and hearing about it.

The purpose of Bald Beautified Too pulls at my past emotions, but what pushes back is stronger. I desire for girls to build their lives from positivity not pain.  To remind them it is important to be in a place to receive, but to also give.

Bald Beautified Too is beauty that radiates from a soul vibrating with awareness of its power and conscious living that exhibits love of all, in all and through all. This is beauty that is true and part of everyone’s story. It is entwined within everyone’s life. It’s not good or bad as much as it is necessary.


For our daughter’s and youth to become comfortable with who they are and be able to tap into their power,  it is necessary to speak and not imply their strength.

It is necessary to spend time listening and guiding instead of handing them ” the best life we feel we can give them” and then expecting them figure out what that feels like, looks like or means.

Bald Beautified Too is the wind on the embers of every girl’s soul. 

The Bald Beautified Mentor Program does not give girls their purpose or  define their value. We awaken it within them, fan the flames, control the burn and marvel at its beauty.

Until next time,

“Do all things in Love”


Be Inspired. Be Positive. Be Bald Beautified Too.


Whose Your Power Ranger?


Power Rangers series and movies catch my attention every time.  Raise your hand if you are not ashamed to admit you are a fan. (Insert my highly raised hand here.) For me, there is something awesome about five ordinary teens who must overcome their “real-life” issues to fulfill their destiny.  Their unforeseen connection strengthens their unlikely bond and allows them to “save the world.” 

Like these “ordinary” teens turned extraordinary superheros, there are moments in life when we may feel alone, misunderstood or emotionally abandoned by others. Our thoughts may lead us into dark places as they slowly spiral into the depths of our fears and doubts.  Retreat into these places bring forth power. Power to alter the perception of an environment. Power to only see the opposite of what is positive and good.  Power to feel ridicule and shame.  Power to “feel” alone.

This is the dominion of external power.  Examples of external power include power struggles, competition and the need to control others.  It is vigorous and has the benefit of being shared among masses with concurrent patterns of thoughts and exhibition of familiar actions. External power can lead to isolation for those who decide not to succumb to it. It can tempt one to react with pressure to rise above it and pain to withstand it.  It can also be a catalyst for change.

There tends to come a time when the tug o’ war between internal and external power must declare a winner. When a victor demands to be chosen. The moment will arrive when one must choose to envision their life from the external or internal point of view. 

Examples of internal power include compassion, integrity and reverence for life. How does one decide between the dichotomy of powers? ReMembering oneself to the universal body of knowledge provides clarity for decision making.  It opens the curtains and raises the blinds exposing one’s current position in relation to a desired one.

A conscious choice to choose a perspective creates opportunities to experience the results of that choice while remaining aware if distance either closes or expands further from the ultimate destination.

Internal power is natural, a “gut feeling”, instinct, intuition and a GPS for the soul.  It is the innate wisdom present within all forms of life, untainted by external programming and circumstances. It maintains its immutable position; continually pulling us towards it like a magnet as we maneuver the life experience. 

Internal power does not remove the perspective of negativity or feelings of loss, ridicule and emotional pain.  Without the perception of the “bad experience” how would one be able to define the “good?” Instead, it allows one to find balance between the perspective and the experience and use it to expand who we are. 

Internal power also produces knowledge and recognition of universal connection. It invalidates competition, hierarchy and provides the ability to know there is a soul seeking balance not just a person intent to do harm to another. For those souls who are ready to receive assistance, internal power allows one to override external power and provide it.  For the souls that are not, it allows one to understand this soul is where it is destined to be on its journey, seek harmony, provide the guidance allowed and move forward with Love.  

Those focused on external power do not see the majesty of spiritual peace bestowed on those operating with internal power. They do not comprehend their inability to weaken divine reign or conquer omnipresent strength. Functioning from the perspective of external power masks the vast synergistic divine aid supplied to sources of internal power.

Internal power is peace, connection to the absolute and the ultimate multitude; the universe. It will seamlessly place you in the paths and lives of others who are able to assist you with exactly what you need, right where you are. 

The story of these fictional teens represent the non fictional connection, harmony and strength of internal power.  Just like this band of modern misfits, choosing to overcome “real-life” (external power) issues, allows us to fulfill our destiny and experience the extraordinary perspective of how self awareness and caring for others can “save the world.” 


My internal power is the Pink Power Ranger, surprise!! If you have mastered use of internal power, which Power Ranger represents your journey? What was your defining moment and how has your life changed since? 

Are you seeking assistance to master your internal power?  If so, what are the obstacles you are facing? 

Lets, “Energize!”

Until next time, 

“Do all things in Love.”