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I want my all of daughters to know their father will always protect them, but that they are able to stand on their own, FIRST. That their power to rise above any person or situation is not linked to the physical size and brute force of their father, but within their own Spiritual intelligence.

It’s Really Simple, Isn’t It?

My body is perfect and everything it is supposed to be, to and for me.

Just One Second

Pain is the psychologist  that tells us to settle for emotional defeat; that pain knows best, and we will survive if we allow it to drive our lives. 

Less Than A Year…

Less than a year ago, I decided I would be the person I imagined myself to be, live the life I desired to live and give what I somehow knew I was equipped to, even if I was not sure how.

The “Spirit of the Season” Can Miss Me

A diamond ring is a wonderful thing, but I am not particularly fond of receiving one …


When Alopecia became a part of my experience, it was hair loss evidenced by thinning and shedding of my hair. Nothing more nothing less. The deceit about hair loss stemmed from my belief about how the experience defined me. Losing my hair was a victimless crime. (My apologies follicles.) I created the victim and blamed Alopecia for what I already believed about myself before one strand was lost.


Why do I care? Because, by facing myself, I learned hair loss was only a side effect of much deeper issues that greatly affected the quality of lives for ethnic women like myself, those I know and could affect my daughters in the future. Why should you care? Because over half of all people in the world will experience some form of hair loss in their lifetime. It has or will touch your life or someone within it.

The Speed of My Soul

I am moving at the speed of my soul. It is so much different a velocity than that of the world. It is variable and yet steady in its accelerations and decelerations.  Sometimes, I feel as though I cannot keep up and others, I am right on time. The days I feel as though I am lagging are but a blur. Like watching an … Read More The Speed of My Soul

Letting Go

Yes, we are interconnected and yes it is a wonderful feeling to see your actions bring a smile to someone else’s face, but neither of those things are to be acquired from your pain or stubbornness to accept a situation for what it is and was always meant to be.

I Wish My Heart Had Amnesia

If my heart had amnesia, it would not remember the hurt and pain it endured. When the pain ceased to exist, so would have the aftermath of pain’s destruction.


Knit Koozies To Save The World

Are we are missing the entire premise of THE world as we focus from OUR world?

The Healing Power of Vulnerability

Regardless of economic, race or gender, pain is universal.  We can build any facade around it we choose, but at the core of each of us is one thing, our soul. A place within us that desires connectivity and acceptance.