It’s Really Simple, Isn’t It?


My body is mine. Not yours. Not through birth, blood, emotions, laws or contracts. I do not owe it to anyone. It always belongs to me.

My body is for my pleasure. Not yours.  On occasion, I am gracious enough to allow you to enjoy it, at my leisure.

My body is beautiful the way I define it. Not you.  Whatever size, shape or color, I own the quality of its description.

My body is worthy of my grace. Not yours. There is nothing you can offer me to improve upon it.  It’s an inside job.

My body is my glory. Not yours. It is superbly designed by me.

My body is my prize. Not your trophy. It is always number one to me.

My body is controlled by my mind. Not yours. The only seat at the helm is mine.

My body is perfect and everything it is supposed to be, to and for me.  Feel about it as you please. Your feelings are your right. Just understand this. Your right to my body does not exist. Never have. Never will.

Even when I am weak, confused or ashamed, you are not the substitute for me.  My body is mine and always, in all ways, belongs to me.


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