Less Than A Year…

Less than a year ago I embarked upon a journey with an unfathomable destination, unbridled passion and an intense feeling of purpose.

I walked away from a lucrative career that for many years provided meaning to my existence while teaching me empathy and compassion for humanity all so I could meet this burning need for “more.”

Less than a year ago, I was clueless about how to transition this passion beyond my desire. I had no idea of who could provide guidance or even where to start.

What did I do? Jumped off the cliff and learned how to fly after the leap.

I researched the fundamentals of my passion from every angle I could find. I connected with every organization and person who would give me their time, I read books, blogs, strategies and how to manuals, watched webinars, paid for courses and swallowed my pride to ask for help from anyone who had an ear. I became vulnerable yet certain, THIS journey would be complete.

Less than a year ago, I decided I would be the person I imagined myself to be, live the life I desired to live and give what I somehow knew I was equipped to, even if I was not sure how.

Less than a year ago, I chose to put all of my eggs in my own basket. I decided for 44 years I had taken chances on the world. This time, I was betting on me.

This is the power of mind. This is the power of reckless abandonment of mental confinement and choosing to live aware of my capabilities instead of limiting beliefs.

Recently, a scenario I imagined February 2018 became my reality. I believed it would. I didn’t know when nor how, I just held on to the vision. With focus and faith, the “how” path revealed itself as I opened my mind to knowing it was there.

Life is such an amazing journey and even more amazing knowing I am in the driver’s seat and the Universe is riding shotgun.



Faith creates your wings. Rely on it. Every so often you will feel yourself soar and realize you were never really on the ground.” – Denise White





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