Just One Second

one second

How do we make it through the pain? Pain is an experience that gets us comfortable with would have’s, could have’s, should have’s, why me’s and sometimes shame that we experienced it in the first place. 

Pain taints the ideas of what we want with fear and doubt. Fear, that better does not really exist, and doubt, that even if it does appear, it is only a matter of time before pain will REappear.

As wonderful as life is, we are often negotiating for happiness to take its rightful place in it. Inside, pain is the headliner and puppeteer of our “reality.”  Pain is the psychologist  that tells us to settle for emotional defeat; that pain knows best, and we will survive if we allow it to drive our lives. 

For example, love. Genuine wonderful love can be painful. When we and feel emotionally stuck in what we have been through, past experiences are as powerful as the present. In essence, what we went through continues to be what we are going through.

Likewise, a painful experience related to love can feel remarkable when connected  to the hope for something better. In the midst of this experience, pain continues to thrive mentally and physically and even though we feel it destroying us, we “hold on.”

As much as we desire, it can be difficult to let go of the pain. There is security in it. There is comfort in “knowing”  what to look for, so we will not experience it again. Understood. Danger lies in the physical, mental and emotional energy we give pain, not our awareness of it.  Pain is not to be forgotten, nor is it to be a constant.  It is part of our life journey, but only as an investment.  We all take chances. In doing so, we must also take the risks associated with them and continue to love ourselves enough to know when to cut our losses. All it takes, is one second.

In one second, your entire life can change. In one second, you can make the decision to cut puppeteer strings and get in the diver seat of your life.  One second holds immense power. Inside of it is eternity. All the wisdom and power of you, is in a second.

Love and peace are our natural states of existence. Anything outside of them (our one second)  are temporary experiences we are able to control.  That one second, when pain has us at our breaking point,  is also when we feel the most strength. That one second, when we are out of our body and mind and in our soul, all is well. Here, is where our soul is telling us we belong.

We are created in God’s image, love and peace are who we are and always will be.  What we experience is a temporary altering of a permanent existence; everything outside of that one second. Every single one of us is divinely equipped to get back our “normal” state of being, even you. How do we make it through the pain?

Linger in your second. Live in your second. Think, believe and know all is possible in your second. Seek knowledge in your second, ask for guidance in your second. All it takes is one second to see pain for what it is, embrace it, learn from it and set it free.  That one second never ends. We need to remember it is where we are, and when we realize we are not, return to it anytime we need, just one second. 


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