The “Spirit of the Season” Can Miss Me

I am not big on holidays.  Maybe the time I spent working in healthcare numbed my holiday gene.  Who wants to think about time with family, friends and relaxing knowing they can’t participate in the festivities? I certainly didn’t.  Then maybe it is all the commercialism linked to love and appreciation.  A diamond ring is a wonderful thing, but I am not particularly fond of receiving one because of  a great commercial ad or subliminal messages of “if you don’t get our shiny object, does he really care the way he says he does?” 

I may be a bit of a Scrooge for many reasons and I am ok with all of them because I love being me.  I love family, food, friends and the comradery of spending time with people I care for.  In fact, I love it so much, I desire to do it all the time, not only certain times of the year.  

I enjoy giving others “gifts” as often as possible.  “Gifts” such as love, affection, time, attention, laughter, a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen.  I enjoy cooking and sharing the  talents and skills I have acquired in design & decor, writing, creating and the like.  It warms my heart to see people smile, hear them laugh and genuinely exchange positive energy with me.  This is how I enjoy living each and every day.

There is something simply soul special when time is carved out and set aside for others, just because.  It is magical to give and or receive that phone call, dinner invitation, email or text just saying, “Hello. You are in my heart.”  Knowing someone is giving of themself because they care to share their positivity and love with you is one of the best gifts to ever receive.  Connection with another soul is a heavenly gift that can never be priced, sold, or replaced. 

Today, I gifted myself a huge dose of gratitude as I started my day.  I made my daily coffee run after school drop off.  Without much thought, the warm cup in my hand suddenly felt like the most amazing cup ever. I walked outside and had this all encompassing feeling of peace, harmony and love.  I felt the morning breeze, as if for the very first time, and did not resist as it sent chills through me.  I watched gold and maroon leaves dance through the air before making delicate and graceful landings on the concrete, cars and water fountain.

I began thinking about where I was a year ago.  Behind a desk, wishing I could spend my days without make up,  in yoga pants, writing, reading, collaborating and creating.  I used to imagine what it would be like to take my youngest daughter to private school, volunteer and be a “room parent” because, hell, I had the time.  I remember dreading fighting traffic and watching the clock, praying for the work day to end.  That cup of coffee was like a portal to “Gratitude Land.” In an instant, everything was perfect. 

Today, I am living that perfect, imagined life.  I worked for it, sacrificed for it and believed it could be my reality. I did not buy it. No one could sell me what I already possessed. There is no commercial for true peace, love and joy.  Being grateful for where I was and where I am on a consistent basis was and is the key.  It is the magic that allows the Universe to multiply its infinite possibilities, create my pathways of thought and spark my creativity, connect me with new people and elevate the lives of those already part of my existence to fulfill goals, live dreams and carve out time we did not realize existed to just “be.”  Life is simply amazing, every moment of every day. So, pardon me if the “Spirit of the season” misses me.  I choose to live my “season” daily and everyday is the “most wonderful time of the year. ” 




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