The Speed of My Soul

I am moving at the speed of my soul. It is so much different a velocity than that of the world. It is variable and yet steady in its accelerations and decelerations.  Sometimes, I feel as though I cannot keep up and others, I am right on time.

The days I feel as though I am lagging are but a blur. Like watching an old black and white film with scratches, black dots and flickering pictures on the screen.  The days I am right on time, its like I’m in the best Hallmark movie of my life. 

I love the variety. I make it a game to keep up with it and it feels so good when I get the victory.  The sun is brighter, music has a sweeter melody and the breeze gives me just the right amount of tickle across my skin. 

Today was one of the victorious days.  My soul slow walked me through some extended rest, transported me into some valuable family time, then catapulted me into connecting with just the right person to give life to fulfilling one of my best projects to date. It was a joyous ride today and because I have learned my soul will always move me at my optimal speed. I am looking forward to tomorrow, the day after and so on.

I may not cross the finish line of world given milestones, but because I trust my soul, I will always finish, whole, happy and right on time.  

What is your speed?

Until next time.

Blessings and Love.




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