Letting Go

I have learned it is okay to let go, without bitterness,  apologies or regrets.  For me, coming from a place of desire to please others made this lesson a lengthy one to master. The truth is, the longing to please others is not about how good of a person we are or how much we want to see others happy. It is about the void within us seeking to please others attempts to fill. 

Yes, we are interconnected and yes it is a wonderful feeling to see your actions bring a smile to someone else’s face, but neither of those things are to be acquired from your pain or stubbornness to accept a situation for what it is and was always meant to be.

Don’t give until it hurts. Don’t ever apologize for growing through a situation and never ever regret nurturing your soul before sharing its energy with others.

Conflict will arise. Others may not understand your actions. Remember this, their perception of what you do is theirs and fair for them. Nevertheless, you are only mandated to cultivate your experience, not theirs. 

The process will challenge all you know and believe about who you are, but it will also reveal who you are created to be.  Without regard to anyone else, you are responsible for your journey alone. 

This journey can lead you to and through people and situations you deemed the answer to your questions. In honesty, many of these people and situations were never meant to be permanent sources in your life. Instead, they are temporary teachers,  soul professors,  meant to guide you towards your greater self.  As souls having a human experience, by instinct we seek comfort and connection with others. When we feel these things have been accomplished, we fight tooth and nail to remain connected to them even when the person, relationship and experience was only designed to be a mere catalyst to elevating your understanding of you and your journey.   

Nothing is personal, everything is soulful.  When we separate perceptions of what should be from the pure divinity of what is, we will know, nothing is ever a waste. No person coming into your life is a coincidence and no person exiting your life is a mistake. The lesson is in the experience. 

Bless all whose paths you cross. No one is seeking to hurt you. You are seeking to be your best self through your experience with them. Release them from the responsibility of your past, present and future. Thank them and be grateful for the moment. Do not burden your experience with would, could or should. Rejoice within it for all that is and was. You asked for this. Let go when you know you should, focus on what you learned from the experience and keep growing. 



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