Knit Koozies To Save The World

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LET’S SAVE THE WORLD!! Do we sit in our comfy corners knitting drink koozies for the “less fortunate?” (It’s a thing!) Those who may not even have access to drink containers, but we happily knit away without effort to discover or help them create sources of water, because knitting koozies is what we feel comfortable doing?!? Are we are missing the entire premise of THE world as we focus from OUR world?

Is saving the world making OUR world more tolerable and livable or truly a quest to be a positive impact for and on the world of others?

Are we stepping into cultures and experiences separate from our own and way outside of our comfort zones? Do we desire to garner insight about the lives of others or only see THE world from our point of view?

download (9)Are we patting ourselves on the back as we gather wood to provide fire for warmth, while we inadvertently fail demonstrate how to ignite a flame or use matches?

Look, listen and feel something different.

Speak to people not like you.

Discover their needs and ask about their desires.
Learn a new trade or task to reach those who cannot speak your language, but can feel your heart.

Get off the soapbox and open it to provide cleaning supplies to others and most of all be uncomfortable. Feel lost and unsure while you do it.

The world is a big place and the opportunity to help it improve is even bigger.
That place of discomfort signifies you are in foreign territory. That’s where saving THE world starts. Outside of our own.

From here, we can expand our reach. As we do, our reach will expand further through valuing the lives and worlds of others.

P.S. Keep knitting your drink koozies!! When we get this thing rolling, we are all gonna need one as we sit around a beautifully created fire and lift up our drinks to toast, “We are saving the world!

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Until next time,

Blessings and Love,



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