The Healing Power of Vulnerability

“Vulnerability opens the door to the soul for pain to exit and healing to enter.”

Denise White

I recently had the pleasure of being a speaker on a panel of phenomenal women. During my time on the panel, I spoke about the process of losing my hair.  After speaking,  I realized it was the first time I had publicly spoken about the experience.

Why is that? Why is something I believe I am so comfortable with, something so difficult to verbalize in the presence of other people. One word: vulnerability.

What is vulnerability? One definition is the state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed emotionally. This has been a fear of mine as far back as I can remember. So, at an early age, I became guarded, shunning opportunities to to be exposed to the risk of emotional and physical harm.  It was easier to work to control my environment and my emotions than to cause myself further damage by even the potential of risk.

What I discovered while watching the faces of women as I shared my transition to being bald, was vulnerability isn’t about the risk I may endure, but the connection it provides to others.

We all have things that cause us trepidation. For some, it is a “bother” to share these with others and for another population it is a sign of weakness to do so.  Still yet, for others, like myself, exposing these concerns to others is equivalent to living the cause of the pain over and over again. No one desires to endure that.

So, how can there be healing in vulnerability? The healing exists in the humanity of pain. Regardless of economic, race or gender, pain is universal.  We can build any facade around it we choose, but at the core of each of us is one thing, our soul. A place within us that desires connectivity and acceptance.

When we scale the barriers we build to protect us , we find there are so many others in search of the same thing we are, emotional protection and love. We have allowed ourselves to believe we have to be free of pain and flaws to be loved. That we must always be strong and stoic to be accepted and respected.

There are no other ideas further from our truth.  Vulnerability is the gatekeeper  of healing between ego and the soul. It is powerful once we realize its purpose.  It is great to protect us from physical harm so we may live longer lives. Emotionally it drives a wedge between living longer and living happier.

Our brains do not know the difference in producing life saving chemicals that increase our senses and adrenaline to save us from falling prey to a savage beast or sitting in the comfort of our hi tech homes charged by emotional pain that we are seeking to escape.

Exposing this pain for its constructive purpose is the light that produces healing through vulnerability.  Once we understand our innate desire for love and acceptance we know it is what we all feel. It is what we all seek and it is what we all have the ability to experience and find comfort in sharing.

There will always be someone who shares our emotional energy. Our experiences are different, but energy is universal. If we seek to perceive our life journey from the perspective of universal appeal, we will be more willing to expose our ego to more vulnerable experiences and not endure so much of this wonderful journey alone.

There is healing in vulnerability because there is collective compassion on the other side of the barriers we create to protect our souls.

The next time you allow yourself to be vulnerable, feel the peace of the connection that it provides. This not only heals you, but those which you share the experience.

Until next time.

“Do all things in Love”




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