time 2
Dear World, 

My timing is not kept by your watch. 

I’m listening to my inner metronome, moving according to the rhythm my soul recognizes.
You and I will not always be in sync. That does not determine my love for you nor yours for me.

For unlike our rhythm, love never changes. 

My timing is not kept by your watch.

Still, I can empathize without regret. I can be aware of emotions and remain unapologetically me. 

I will not fly when you need me to. Only when I have learned to flap my wings to the pulse of my song.  Then, my flight will add virtue to the skies and provide currents to propel the wings of others. 
My timing is not kept by your watch.

I owe myself the courtesy of paying attention to my watch, my timing, my dance, the rhythm of my song. Although, for you, it may seem out of tune, its mesmerizing and beautiful, to me. 

I’m not interested in stepping to your beat. I hear it, see and feel it, but its splendidly and wonderfully yours. I’m learning from it and am grateful for the joy it brings. Still, I’m here to be me. The best way I know how. I will always be the only me, I can ever be.
My timing is not kept by your watch.

I’m here, navigating my inner and outer worlds, collecting choruses and notes that intermittently speed or slow my rhythm. It’s exciting and often exhilarating and always appreciated. 

dance 1

Yet, inevitably, the tick, the tock, the step and timing reverts back to my rhythm, the soul rhythm, the best one, for me. 

My timing is not kept by your watch, the beat of my heart not by your drum.

Nevertheless, an ethereal cadence exists, eternally keeping us harmonized in the background,  “soul fully ” connecting me to you and you to me. 

As odd as our sway may seem and as much as I see others synchronized effortlessly within the tempo of your ebb and flow,  

I understand we are always where we need to be. Where we always knew you and I would be. Before our collective rhythm illuminated new paths, we knew this would be. We knew we would not remember, but would intrinsically know.

My timing is not kept by your watchtimeNevertheless, a comforting cadence soulfully resonates between us. Eternally keeping us harmonized in the background, connecting me to you and you to me. 
“Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth, ‘You owe me.’ Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky.”  -Rumi
Until next time, 
“Do all things in Love”

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