Whose Your Power Ranger?


Power Rangers series and movies catch my attention every time.  Raise your hand if you are not ashamed to admit you are a fan. (Insert my highly raised hand here.) For me, there is something awesome about five ordinary teens who must overcome their “real-life” issues to fulfill their destiny.  Their unforeseen connection strengthens their unlikely bond and allows them to “save the world.” 

Like these “ordinary” teens turned extraordinary superheros, there are moments in life when we may feel alone, misunderstood or emotionally abandoned by others. Our thoughts may lead us into dark places as they slowly spiral into the depths of our fears and doubts.  Retreat into these places bring forth power. Power to alter the perception of an environment. Power to only see the opposite of what is positive and good.  Power to feel ridicule and shame.  Power to “feel” alone.

This is the dominion of external power.  Examples of external power include power struggles, competition and the need to control others.  It is vigorous and has the benefit of being shared among masses with concurrent patterns of thoughts and exhibition of familiar actions. External power can lead to isolation for those who decide not to succumb to it. It can tempt one to react with pressure to rise above it and pain to withstand it.  It can also be a catalyst for change.

There tends to come a time when the tug o’ war between internal and external power must declare a winner. When a victor demands to be chosen. The moment will arrive when one must choose to envision their life from the external or internal point of view. 

Examples of internal power include compassion, integrity and reverence for life. How does one decide between the dichotomy of powers? ReMembering oneself to the universal body of knowledge provides clarity for decision making.  It opens the curtains and raises the blinds exposing one’s current position in relation to a desired one.

A conscious choice to choose a perspective creates opportunities to experience the results of that choice while remaining aware if distance either closes or expands further from the ultimate destination.

Internal power is natural, a “gut feeling”, instinct, intuition and a GPS for the soul.  It is the innate wisdom present within all forms of life, untainted by external programming and circumstances. It maintains its immutable position; continually pulling us towards it like a magnet as we maneuver the life experience. 

Internal power does not remove the perspective of negativity or feelings of loss, ridicule and emotional pain.  Without the perception of the “bad experience” how would one be able to define the “good?” Instead, it allows one to find balance between the perspective and the experience and use it to expand who we are. 

Internal power also produces knowledge and recognition of universal connection. It invalidates competition, hierarchy and provides the ability to know there is a soul seeking balance not just a person intent to do harm to another. For those souls who are ready to receive assistance, internal power allows one to override external power and provide it.  For the souls that are not, it allows one to understand this soul is where it is destined to be on its journey, seek harmony, provide the guidance allowed and move forward with Love.  

Those focused on external power do not see the majesty of spiritual peace bestowed on those operating with internal power. They do not comprehend their inability to weaken divine reign or conquer omnipresent strength. Functioning from the perspective of external power masks the vast synergistic divine aid supplied to sources of internal power.

Internal power is peace, connection to the absolute and the ultimate multitude; the universe. It will seamlessly place you in the paths and lives of others who are able to assist you with exactly what you need, right where you are. 

The story of these fictional teens represent the non fictional connection, harmony and strength of internal power.  Just like this band of modern misfits, choosing to overcome “real-life” (external power) issues, allows us to fulfill our destiny and experience the extraordinary perspective of how self awareness and caring for others can “save the world.” 


My internal power is the Pink Power Ranger, surprise!! If you have mastered use of internal power, which Power Ranger represents your journey? What was your defining moment and how has your life changed since? 

Are you seeking assistance to master your internal power?  If so, what are the obstacles you are facing? 

Lets, “Energize!”

Until next time, 

“Do all things in Love.”




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