Why I Choose to Give Up

OUTSIDE Proverbs 18:21 – Death and life [are] in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

As I recall, Proverbs 18:21 is a verse my grandmother often recited during many of our cherished conversations.  It was not until I reached mental maturity that I realized how invaluable this reference was and continues to be.  Just as my grandmother’s presence in my life provided comfort and peace, so too does the knowledge that words contain such dynamic energy.

Choosing to be a voracious reader at an early age was my escape from reality.  Little intrigued me more than the many destinations I visited courtesy of the conveyance of words.  They opened innumerable paths of imagination and offered me the ability to find solace in the worlds I was able to create with them.

Today, words offer me the same comfort, even more so now that I have experienced the power they hold.  One word can have as many interpretations as there are people. It still amazes me the emotions words create within each of us.  How their perception can change conversations, situations and lives.

For instance, the common interpretation of “give up” is negative, a cease of effort, a declaration of insolubility.  Not one to be restricted by commonality,  I decided to harness the power of words and decide what giving up means to me. My interpretation is positive, powerful and enlightening.

For me,”giving up” is acceptance of the situation, person or circumstance for what it is without comparison to what I desire it or them to be.  It is belief that I have a lesson to learn in the reality of the choices of I have made and that I am responsible for my actions and responses to the physical and mental contents of my environment.  Giving up returns freedom of choice, to me.

I choose to “give up ” the worry and fear about what could be and focus on enjoying and learning from what is.  I have chosen to “give up” the opposing beliefs of who I am versus who others perceive me to be.  I have learned the only belief that I can control is my own and individual perceptions are created by personal experiences.

Making the choice to give up has released me from the confines of self doubt.  Do I have moments of uncertainty? Yes.  As long as I continue to seek new experiences in life, I always will.  I now know I can give up the idea that my goals are too big for me to achieve. Though they cause me to reflect on the necessity to obtain the skills and knowledge to reach them,  I also know I am capable of  doing so.


Giving up allows me to redirect my focus to what I have the ability to control and allows me the freedom to critically assess my internal and external environments without inhibition.  I have given up the idea that fear controls me and instead have embraced it as an opportunity for growth.  It now propels me forward instead being a stop light or an excuse to remain stagnant.

Each day, I choose to give up thoughts and behavioral patterns that are no longer beneficial to my progression in life.  For me, giving up signifies a beginning instead of an end.  Just like the books I cherished as a child, the power of the words, “give up” are fueled and defined within me.  So, I willingly choose to give up any part of my thoughts and actions that keep me from being the person I desire to be.

Starting my non profit organization to mentor girls 5 to 18 years of age and creating this blog are examples of my choices to give up.  By doing so, I gave up the concern of judgement and focused on my desire to affirm the lives of our youth and exercise my love of writing.

By sharing my life journey and experiences, it is my desire to inspire others to make the conscious choice to evaluate their internal and external environments, critically assess what is constructively serving them and others in order give up what doesn’t, so they too may discover and thrive from a place of exuberance.

This is insight into the beautified life I choose to give up my perturbation to share.  How have you chosen to live your beautified life? If you don’t feel that you have, what do you feel is keeping you from doing so?

Am I a journalist? No. Will I appeal to all people? Probably not. What I am is a person who has decided to give up her fears and live with purpose, balance and joy.


I hope you decide to share this experience with me through thought provoking content, productive interactions and guests that have discovered methods and principles for living their version of a beautified life.  Here is to giving up.

Until next time,

“Do all things in Love.”





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